Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Damage

Fire damage at this home burned through the roof. As the before photo shows, this project began with extensive fire damage cleanup. A sizable portion of the str... READ MORE

Fire Damage Could Also Be Your Neighbor's Problem

Fire damage in the neighborhood caused the need for cleanup of two properties. After a neighbor’s house fire, the property next door had exterior damage a... READ MORE

Cleaning Fire Damaged Art

SERVPRO of Peterborough knows that there are some items you own that cannot be replaced. The sentimental value far outweighs the monetary value. If your home or... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Vase

There are different kinds of smoke and soot damage and different cleaning methods for all of them. SERVPRO of Peterborough has a highly trained staff who knows ... READ MORE

Smoke Damage To Furniture

This dresser is an example of smoke damage done to a dresser that our SERVPRO team in New York restored. Simply removing the smoke stains is not enough for our ... READ MORE

Fire and Smoke Damages in Walls

After the fire, smoke damage effects are visible on walls, ceilings and other surfaces. They appear as stains and discoloration. In few days, walls and flooring... READ MORE